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Dr. Joseph Yazdi is an engaging, innovating, and experienced neurosurgeon who is committed to providing exceptional outcomes for his patients. He practices a patient centered approach which emphasizes the care of the whole person.

Concussion Presentation by Dr Joseph Yazdi

Dr. Joseph Yazdi is a board-certified neurosurgeon with Arch Neurosurgery in St. Louis. Among his specialties are the diagnosis and treatment of concussions and the many associated concussion symptoms.

Concussions can range in severity from a headache caused by a sudden jolt to a penetrating trauma that causes a traumatic brain injury. But regardless of the type of injury, no suspected concussion should be taken lightly.

Symptoms of concussion vary widely, and most people who suffer concussions don’t lose consciousness. In fact, you don’t even have to hit something with your head to suffer a concussion. It is because there are so many degrees and possible mechanisms of injury that it is imperative to have anyone you suspect of being concussed evaluated immediately.

In this PowerPoint presentation you will learn more about how concussions are diagnosed, classified, how symptoms are managed and the long- and short-term prognoses of these sometimes debilitating injuries.

In it, Dr. Yazdi will address concussions’ many comorbid symptoms and disorders — those disorders caused by or manifesting in the aftermath of concussion.


Some of the symptoms of concussion and postconcussive syndrome are headaches, vertigo, speech disorders, memory deficits, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The symptoms of concussion can last for a couple weeks or several months. In his PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Yazdi explains which of these symptoms to be concerned about and offers strategies to relieve or even eliminate them altogether,


Dr. Yazdi uses a combination of assessments including those in use by the NFL, NHL and MLS, such as Sports Concussion Assessment Tool and Vestibular-Ocular-Motor Testing. Moreover, He uses the results to properly diagnose the presence and severity of head injury. He then forms an individualized treatment plan.

Finally, using a combination of medications, stress reduction techniques, focused exercises, and injections, Dr. Yazdi is able to see beyond the injured brain to help the whole patient get back to living their best lives.

He also offers an extensive list of strategies patients can do at home to speed their healing and mitigate many of the symptoms of concussion.

Click the link below to access Dr. Yazdi’s PowerPoint presentation on concussions.

For questions or more information, contact Dr. Joseph Yazdi at Arch Neurosurgery.

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